iPad Screen Protector

We are in the iPad repair business, and we are the first to admit that its not nice when your iPad screen cracks. When you have a cracked iPad it means you can’t get to enjoy it and even if the repair isn’t expensive its still an unnecessary cost, which most of us can do without. This is why we advise all of our customers to install high-quality screen protectors on their iPads.

Free Tempered Glass Screen Protection

We believe in providing an ethical service, and we hope you won’t need to visit us again to have your iPad screen repaired (as much as we love our customers), we would prefer to save you money, so we give all customers a free Tempered Glass for their iPads. Not only will you get a free tempered glass screen protector, we will also install it for you completely free of charge.


Free Screen Protector

Free Tempered Glass and Installation


Saving You £25

Our Free Tempered Glass and Installation Service is saving our customers on average £25…

iPad Tempered Glass on average costs about £8-£10 online, and can cost as much as £25 at high street shops like Carphone Warehouse! These prices are without installation. So on average, the free tempered glass and free installation service are saving our customers £25 and even more in future repair bills!